Formerly working for Sharpstown Ice Center and the Starbucks Coffee Company in executive-level roles, Russell A. Montgomery decided to delve into his formative passion for knife making and enrolled in courses beginning in 2010. He studied initially at the University of Houston and the University of Phoenix before enrolling in workshops with the American Bladesmith Society, where he worked under the tutelage of the most distinguished bladesmiths and knife makers in the United States. Subsequent to completing his workshops, he established Serenity Knives in Houston, Texas, for which he has garnered significant recognition.

Creating more than 1,600 blades since the company’s inception, Mr. Montgomery specializes in the creation of kitchen cutlery, hunting and fishing knives, and utility knives. Some of these knives also include oyster knives, chef’s knives, straight razors and machetes. Two years following the creation of his very first knife, Mr. Montgomery was commissioned to forge custom steak knives for a popular Houston restaurant, which led to other restaurants requesting his services. Eventually, Mr. Montgomery was interviewed and his business was advertised on a local television channel, which brought myriad customers to his business.

Notably, Mr. Montgomery’s knives are handmade with full custom design options, and the business offers knife sharpening services and full reconditioning, refurbishing and restoring. Each knife has the business’ brand stamped on its surface. Impressively, Serenity Knives is the only knife company in the United States that will fix and sharpen older knives.

Mr. Montgomery attributes his success to his passion for the knife making industry and his innate attention to detail. Looking forward, he intends to expand upon the production of his custom-made knives so that he can produce a unique, signature line of knives.

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