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Joanne Fern is a business owner who brings with her nearly three decades of experience serving the Palmdale, Calif., region and other areas of Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino and Ventura. J&S Operated Equipment Rentals provides hourly rentals of heavy equipment for services such as excavating, grading and hard demolition.

Ms. Fern established the company in 1993 in partnership with her husband, Scott, who was working as a heavy equipment operator at the time. One of his customers noted the need for more owners and operators in the region, and led them in obtaining a contract that would allow Ms. Fern and her husband the opportunity to make an impact in the market. To set themselves apart from other rental companies, the Ferns have committed themselves to always evolving their business and offering new services in order to make J&S Operated Equipment Rentals a one-stop-shop for all things related to heavy equipment renting. Today, Ms. Fern describes J&S as a full-site service that has carried out projects ranging from the demolition of small interiors to the complete demolition of a three-story hotel. They have recently added abatement services to the already impressive portfolio of services available.

For a business owner, it is tremendously important that all areas of the establishment are handled expertly and professionally. Ms. Fern is highly regarded in her industry for her ability to manage all aspects of the backend work that is critical to running a successful company. A jack of all trades, she demonstrates her top skills in administration, contracting, finance and customer service. Her husband’s background in the field makes him the perfect fit to manage crews and operate the equipment when necessary. Together, they have built a successful company that has truly fulfilled a need in the market. When asked of her accomplishments, Ms. Fern credits the long hours she has put into her career and the joy she gets from being able to have achieved this success alongside her partner in life. To remain abreast of changes and new trends in her industry, Ms. Fern maintains relationships with several organizations; she affiliates with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Contractors Register, Inc., and the Air Resources Board.

Outside of her professional work, Ms. Fern is known for giving back to her community. Today, she is a member of Angels Against Hunger, a local organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. They provide meals to people and children in need, as no one deserves to go hungry. Ms. Fern also contributes to other charitable organizations. As she thrives in her personal life and profession, Ms. Fern hopes to continue to provide excellent customer service, stay happy, and put people to work.

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