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From 1993 until 2006, Jack Weyland thrived as a physics professor at Ricks College/Brigham Young University-Idaho. A renowned leader in his field, Dr. Weyland began his career in academia at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where he taught physics from 1968 to 1993.  Now retired from the challenges and stresses that afflict college professors, Dr. Weyland contributes to society as a well-known author. Since 1979, he has authored more than 80 successful books and short stories. Notably, his very first novel, “Charly,” was made into a feature film in 2002. Dr. Weyland’s most recent published books include “Hannah’s Legacy,” “The Adventures of Don Croasmun,” “Mandy,” and “Adventures of Benny the Dog.”

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in physics from Montana State University in 1962, Dr. Weyland went on to pursue a doctoral degree. While attending Brigham Young University, he took a creative writing elective. Ironically, during the first few weeks of taking the course, he realized that he was not a very good writer and dropped the course. He didn’t think about writing again for several years. Instead, he obtained a Ph.D. in physics from BYU in 1969. In 1971, Dr. Weyland was granted the opportunity to conduct high-pressure research for the physics department at BYU. He decided to continue his pursuit of a writing career by taking a correspondence course. This time, he achieved a much better outcome.

In 2011, the Whitney Awards recognized Dr. Weyland with the Outstanding Achievement Award for Fiction Writing. When he won the award, the following was said about his work: “Jack Weyland is the best selling author of young-adult fiction for the Latter-Day Saint market. In fact, the modern genre of Latter-Day-themed fiction is one he is largely responsible for creating with his overwhelmingly popular novel, ‘Charly.’” Since the beginning of Dr. Weyland’s writing career, more than one million copies of his books have been sold by Deseret Book. Furthermore, more than 50 of his short stories have been published by the “The New Era,” a Latter-day Saints magazine. In 1993, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology presented him with the Presidential Award for Outstanding Professor of Physics. Noted for his hard work, dedication and contributions to the fields of literature and physics, Dr. Weyland has been listed in multiple editions of Marquis Who’s Who in America.

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