Larry Tyrone Burrus is an acclaimed figure in the fields of real estate and construction, drawing upon over 40 years of professional experience in his areas of expertise. Currently recognized as the chief executive officer of the Burrus Financial Group of Companies, he is also the contractor for the Burrus Engineering and Building Company. At the inception of his career, he served as a fire and casualty, life and disability agent with Farmers Insurance Group. He subsequently started the eponymous Burrus Insurance Agency, through which he worked alongside New York Life, Jackson National Life and Metropolitan Life Insurance. After becoming a certified real estate appraiser, he established the Burrus Real Estate Company and Credit World Mortgage Company in 1987. Additionally, in 2002, he formed the Burrus Investment Group, a real estate acquisition company.

Mr. Burrus was elected to the executive board of SEIU-United Health Care Workers for the West Coast in 2010. Following this period, he organized SEIU members in the fight for hospital contracts. Moreover, he is the founder and licensed training instructor of the African Family Resource Information Center in America (A.F.R.I.C.A.), a resource and information hub, and a member of the Burrus Financial Group of Companies. Notably, the organization provides skill training and job placement for adults. A.F.R.I.C.A. provides an aggressive after-school mathematics and reading program for children and information on local and state programs that includes better health, youth pregnancy, Section 8 applications, and city and private events.

Mr. Burrus is well-regarded for lobbying city leaders to support the idea of a major shopping center, which is now recognized as the Kearney Palm Shopping Center in Southwest Fresno. Likewise, as the engineering and building contractor, Mr. Burrus’ company built the Golden Palace Banquet Hall, the famous Two-Way Fruit Stand and several churches, as well as the reconstruction and remodeling of others.

In the coming years, Mr. Burrus aims to continue his volunteerism efforts with nonprofit organizations across the nation. He also eventually intends to ease into a well-deserved retirement and leave his companies to his family, who will continue his legacy.

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