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Enthusiastic about athleticism from a formative age, Hank Hughes was ultimately motivated to enter the field of sports through his uncle, who was a professional tennis player. Notably, Mr. Hughes played basketball during his high school years. He went on to attend college for his undergraduate studies, where he discovered his passion for tennis. While studying at the collegiate level, Mr. Hughes was asked by his uncle to help him teach at the Mount Lebanon Tennis Center, where Mr. Hughes eventually accrued over 10,000 hours of volunteer service prior to being hired as a full-time tennis manager in 2007.

In light of his exceptional undertakings in the game of tennis, Mr. Hughes was bestowed with several awards. In 2010, he was impressively named Tournament Director of the Year, having previously been recognized as Pro of the Year two times in 2004 and 2009. He was also inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who registry in 2020 and highlighted in the 10th edition of Marquis Millennium Magazine. Among his numerous accomplishments, however, Mr. Hughes is especially proud of teaching a tennis student who became the 800th most talented player in the world during a global tour.

Outside of his primary efforts, Mr. Hughes has remained involved with several organizations, such as Serve2Cure, where he served as a tournament director. Likewise, he is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Registry, the United States Professional Tennis Association and the National USPA. In addition, he is a certified professional tennis player via the Professional Tennis Association.

Mr. Hughes attributes a great deal of his success to his hard work ethic and dedication to completing his tasks to the best of his ability. To wit, his record of excellence has served as a resounding testament to his commitment to his work, enthusiasm for the sport of tennis and unwavering passion for helping all his students who wish to play tennis.

In his spare time, Mr. Hughes owns a tennis shop, where he sells approximately 1,000 tennis rackets per year. He also sells various articles of athletic clothing, shoes and accessories. Looking toward the future, he intends to ease into a well-deserved retirement.

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