Since 2021, Marin Sorin Caba has excelled as the owner and project manager at American Water Damage Restoration Company. Notably, the business is located in Edmonds, Washington, and provides restoration services to residential and commercial properties that have been affected by water, storm, mold and fire damage. Offering 24/7 emergency services, the business is accredited by the Restoration Industry Association and the Better Business Bureau and certified through the IICRC Institute.

Likewise, Mr. Caba is certified in water damage restoration by the IICRC Institute, having previously completed three years of collegiate coursework in environmental protection. Maintaining active membership with the Better Business Bureau, he attributes much of his success to his entrepreneurial spirit and innate ability to become a self-made individual. Likewise, he credits the influence of his many mentors over the course of his career. To this end, Mr. Caba advises that it is essential to have mentors to guide one through various aspects of their job. He also stresses the significance of having hands-on, practical experience.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Caba intends to become more involved in legislation relative to his industry. Ultimately, he wishes to protect the members of his community and provide even more excellent service to Edmonds, Washington, and its surrounding areas with his construction and restoration business. Married with two children, Mr. Caba was born in Romania and currently resides in Edmonds.

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