Driven to dedicate his life to teaching young minds, Anthony Broadnax Jr. has always been fascinated by the minds and engagement of children, noting that they have always had a unique approach to the programs that he facilitates. He is especially gratified by his students’ discussions, whose results have been frequently incorporated into his teaching methodologies. Although initially working for FedEx for over 12 years as a ramp agent, Mr. Broadnax was prompted to transition his career path following a work injury. He then resolved to enter music education.

Drawing upon a Bachelor of Music Education from Armstrong State University in 2016, Mr. Broadnax has excelled as the director of bands at Savannah Christian Preparatory School since earning his degree. He is presently pursuing a Master of Music Education from Georgia College & State University, which he intends to complete in 2023. Among the many highlights of his career, he is especially proud of receiving immense recognition for his work in music education, having earned the District Leadership Award for Outstanding Member and the State Recognized Award for Outstanding Leadership from Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. He has also earned the 2002 Annie Allman Guitar Award, as well as the Outstanding Performing Student Award from the Coastal Jazz Association. He considers all these accolades as the ultimate highlights of his career.

Attributing much of his success to his passion for teaching, Mr. Broadnax lends his spare time and expertise to numerous civic endeavors. He is the minister of music for his local church, as well as a singer within the Savannah church system. Likewise, he has been a Sunday schoolteacher, a member of the community jazz band, and a volunteer for Feed the Hungry. Furthermore, Mr. Broadnax has been a board member of the Savannah Winds Symphony and the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association.

To wit, Mr. Broadnax has maintained affiliation with the National Association for Music Education and is a member at large with the Savannah Wind Symphony. Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has learned how to keep his students engaged through virtual classes, having shown them video performances of other American and European bands for them to replicate particular sounds they have heard. Looking toward the future, Mr. Broadnax intends to complete his master’s degree in music education. He also hopes to build the music program at the Savannah Christian Preparatory School, as well as become a professor and teach music appreciation courses at a university.

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