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Beth A. Lockhart has thrived as the owner of Dragon’s Lair for more than 30 years. Recognized as an artist who specializes in medieval fantasy art, she has always exhibited a curiosity for the arts and a particular passion for visual art. Notably, Dragon’s Lair is a self-established business that Ms. Lockhart utilizes to show her unique portfolio of artwork, which includes the likenesses of mythological creatures such as dragons. Additionally, she offers prints of her artwork to fellow artists, art enthusiasts and patrons of the arts. Hailing from humble beginnings, Ms. Lockhart has participated in the annual Medieval Fair in Norman, Oklahoma, through which she has cultivated a loyal following.

Alongside her artistic ventures, Ms. Lockhart is a former aircraft avionic systems specialist who served the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma from 2000 until her retirement in 2022. Commencing her tenure in government and military many decades ago, she first served the United States Department of Defense before working as an aviation mechanic to the C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft for the Oklahoma National Guard. Ms. Lockhart notes that she honed her talents in artistic expression during this time, as she often tended to her creative proclivities while waiting for aircrafts to launch and recover. As a testament to her success in mechanics, she was notably named the Mechanic of the Month.

Now focusing her attention on her artwork on a full-time basis, Ms. Lockhart has received a myriad of commendations, accolades and recognitions for her work with Dragon’s Lair. However, although she has experienced numerous career achievements, she is especially proud of receiving significant attention for her work and accruing much acclaim throughout Oklahoma by fellow artists.

In the forthcoming years, Ms. Lockhart intends to continue cultivating her talents in the artistic realm, as well as broadening her reach to touch audiences across the nation. She would also like to experience the continued success of her business and network with like-minded artists in her local community. Outside of her primary endeavors, Ms. Lockhart loves such avocational activities as baking, gardening, taking care of animals, reading and playing computer games.

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