Driven by his inherent interest in academia, Dr. Ronald H. Miller possesses a five decades-long career in the education and public sectors. Currently recognized as the president of the eponymously named company Ronald H. Miller, PhD, LLC, he spends his time providing consulting services to various financial and educational entities. Prior to forming his company, Dr. Miller spent significant time as a teacher, having been certified to teach vocal music education for kindergarten through 12th grade and social studies for ninth through 12th grade in the State of Missouri.

Among his many career achievements, Dr. Miller is especially proud of his role in creating and operating the New York City Regional Center for Life-Long Learning in the early-to-mid 1970s. Likewise, he was instrumental in the construction and editing of a student financial aid directory, which has since sold more than 110,000 copies to date, and drafted a 19-page curricula for the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems. Outside of his primary endeavors, Dr. Miller sits on the advisory board of the Walbridge Elementary School, is a participant with the Children’s Policy Forum Website and Vision for Children at Risk, and served as treasurer of the Lilian Circle Neighborhood Development Association. Engaged in his local community, he has also sung in church choirs and Jewish temples in his region.

To prepare for his pronounced career, Dr. Miller received a Bachelor of Journalism from Indiana University in 1970, followed by a master’s degree in city planning from The Ohio State University in 1972. Upon the completion of these studies, he also earned a Master of Public Administration in public policy studies from the University of Michigan in 1978. After spending many years in academia, Dr. Miller returned to higher education at New York University, from which he obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in public administration in 1990. Most recently, he enrolled in Lindenwood University, receiving a Master of Arts in teaching in 2007.

In light of his outstanding undertakings, Dr. Miller was bestowed with the Newcomer Award from the Missouri Association for Adult Continuing and Community Education in 1997 and was inducted into the 71st edition of Who’s Who in America in 2018. In conjunction with his main vocation, he has lent his knowledge to over 40 publications and has presented at more than 35 events throughout his career.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Miller intends to blossom in his research projects and continue working for as long as he is able.

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