Gopez, Evelyn 4796456_4004796456 NewsletterDrawing upon more than two decades of practiced experience in medicine and academia, Dr. Evelyn V. Gopez is recognized for her expertise in pathology, as well as proficiency in the education and administration of medical programs at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. A professor in the Department of Pathology within the university’s School of Medicine since 2010, she was initially hired by the university in 1997 as an assistant professor. Over the course of her career, she has served the University of Utah in myriad capacities, including associate professor, assistant dean, associate professor, president, and associate dean in the Office of Inclusion and Outreach. During this time, Dr. Gopez also served as the director of cytology at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Salt Lake City from 1998 to 2001.

A licensed physician in the State of Utah since 1997, Dr. Gopez has been board certified in cytology by the American Board of Pathology since 1997. Alongside her primary career ventures, she has also been the laboratory director of Midvale Family Health Center since 2013, the founder and faculty advisor of the Health Sciences Multicultural Student Association since 2013, and faculty advisor of the Asian Pacific Association of Medical Students at the University of Utah since 2009.

Attributing her success to her persistence and interest she has in her work, Dr. Gopez has always been eager to share her knowledge with others, noting that if one enjoys what they do, they will become successful at their job and everything will fall into place. Likewise, she is passionate about health disparity and educating future physicians about health and how its management differs from one culture to another.

Demonstrating versatility in her profession, Dr. Gopez has also contributed numerous peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed journal articles between 1997 and 2017. Backed by an extensive educational background, she earned an MD from the University of Santo Tomas in her native Philippines in 1979 and received additional training at the Harvard Medical School, Berkshire Medical Center and University of Pennsylvania.

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