Bynum, Terrell 3980102_30849285 NewsletterRenowned for aiding in the development of computer ethics as a field of scholarly research and teaching, Terrell Ward Bynum, PhD, is a Distinguished CSU Professor at Southern Connecticut State University, a role he obtained in 2016. Prior to this position, he served the university in other capacities, including as an associate professor and full professor of philosophy beginning in 1987. Previously, Dr. Bynum taught at such universities as the Dutchess College of State University of New York, Ramapo College, the State University of New York at Albany and American University.

During his longstanding career, Dr. Bynum founded the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, as well as the Research Center on Computing and Society at Southern Connecticut State University. Co-founding the Research Center on Values in Emerging Science and Technology, where he has also been a co-director, he has contributed to organizations and international conferences on computer ethics.

A prolific author of creative works as well, Dr. Bynum was the biographer, author and editor of “Conceptual Notation and Related Articles” through Oxford University Press, which was later named a Scholarly Classic, and co-editor and author of “Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility.” A former founder and editor-in-chief of “Metaphilosophy” between 1968 and 1992, he hosted and was an associate producer of the video series “What is Computer Ethics?” and has contributed his expertise to articles in professional journals. He has specialized in the areas of developmental psychology, education, philosophy, the philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of physics.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field, Dr. Bynum has accrued myriad accolades and honors. The recipient of the Preston Covey Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association for Computing and Philosophy in 2011, he also won the Barwise Prize from the American Philosophical Association in 2008 and the Weizenbaum Award from the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology in 2009. Additionally, he is a fellow of the Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Danforth Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

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