Martin, Joseph 3936391_4003936391 Newsletter REVISEDHailing from the maternal influence in education, Joseph L. Martin first completed an undergraduate degree in business before realizing his passions truly resided in teaching, coaching and athletics. Teaching was the entry point to those passions. He culminated his interests and developed a prolific, successful career that has lasted nearly 30 years. Soon enough, he became a certified special education teacher who worked with youth and adults with disabilities.

Additionally, Mr. Martin has been a longtime coach for sports at various levels throughout the course of his career. He coached softball pitching for 10 years while also becoming a Division I Assistant (Lafayette) and adjunct professor of physical education and health at Essex County College. He taught “At-Risk” students and tries to keep them on a positive path to success.

As an official, Mr. Martin has worked at all levels from professional, NCAA and high school. It includes working Division I games in softball and soccer. He has been asked to attend invitation-only camps and attended over 84 officiating camps in his career. He assigned basketball referees for the Burnham Park Men’s Basketball League and umpires for the Morris Majors, a college summer baseball league. Both leagues feature many active and former college players. Since 2010, Mr. Martin has officiated in various state tournaments for the NJSIAA. He has advanced deep in the tournament while working soccer, basketball and baseball. He has worked Sectional Finals, Group Finals and one State Final in baseball (plate). He has refereed six sports, including volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. Officiating six sports places him in the top 2% nationwide.

During his time at Temple University, Mr. Martin was a sports intern for the Philadelphia 76ers, athletic director and head boys’ basketball coach for St. Jude Catholic Organization. Mr. Martin subsequently became an athletic director, head soccer and softball coach, while teaching Physical Education and Health at Lacordaire Academy in 1999, holding the role for six years.

Alongside his athletic responsibilities, Mr. Martin has dedicated his time to a contracting business and a wine distributorship. Likewise, he is a property manager of numerous residential and commercial buildings, maintaining this role since 2006. As a professional in multiple fields, he has learned to never give up, treat others as you want to be treated, follow your conscience, learn by your mistakes and work hard. He notes that the best results are achieved when you work well with others and achieve results in a collaborative effort.

Mr. Martin attributes his success to commitment, communication, trust and hard work. He is part Italian and part Polish, which is another reason why being strict and hardworking are part of his make-up. Mr. Martin has never settled for mediocrity or complacency, which is evident by his continued success in several industries. Looking toward the future, he intends to teach students with special needs and expand his contracting business to help others obtain a better life. In addition, he would like to work multiple Division I sports, NCAA playoffs, continue his objectives in real estate and help all humanity. An aspiring writer, he intends to write a book.

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