Wells, Hugh 4766029_4004766029 NewsletterHugh S. “Jack” Wells is a renowned entrepreneur, who has served as the owner of Hugh Wells Pilot Escort since 2002. Providing services for escorting oversized construction equipment, oversized boats and anything less sizeable than a manufactured home, Hugh Wells Pilot Escort is a premier service that has garnered much success over the course of its existence. Accruing more than 20 years of experience in maintenance and home building, Mr. Wells previously conducted maintenance for clients for Amoco Oil and worked as a countrywide home builder. He is well known for his abilities as a wood craftsman, in which he is able to build furniture and carve animals with aplomb.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Wells was a part-time deputy sheriff in the State of Florida between 1967 and 1975. Likewise, he is a prolific world traveler and prides himself on the opportunity, of which he took advantage, to escort 16 young adults into Mexico for a local church function. A philanthropist to his local community as well, he routinely donates food and gifts during the holiday season to disadvantaged families.

Impressively, Mr. Wells’ name is in former President Ronald Reagan’s library in light of his extensive contributions to his profession and community. He attributes his success to his ability to treat people with kindness, and he advises future professionals to pursue higher education and take one’s job seriously. He notes that shortcuts will only lead one to fail, and one should commit their energy to their job full-time.

Motivated by his faith in God, Mr. Wells has remained driven to perform good deeds within the world in light of his Christian upbringing. His religious background provides him with the guidance to better serve his community with each passing day. Looking towards the future, he intends to further his life’s work while making his community a better place.

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