Mende, Howard 2132674_25275091 NewsletterHoward Shigeharu Mende always desired to understand and learn about the mechanical nature of the world around him. Supported by a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hawaii, he was approached with a job prospect by Rockwell International, for whom Mr. Mende began working in 1970 as a member of the technical staff. Remaining with Rockwell until 1977, he also earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering during this time from the University of Southern California. From there, he began serving AiRsch Manufacturing Company as a development engineer for six years before returning to Rockwell as a member of the technical staff IV until 1986. Beginning in 1987, he has been serving Defense Contracts Management West in Santa Ana, California, as a mechanical engineer.

During his tenure in engineering, Mr. Mende has also lent his expertise to Pacific State University in Los Angeles as a lecturer between 1974 and 1975. A registered professional engineer in the State of California, he views the culmination of his life’s work as a career highlight, noting that perhaps he has still not reached the zenith of his career. He has been praised for the value-oriented manner by which he views engineering, which has been at the forefront of his academic training as well as his profession. Mr. Mende is also renowned for the manner by which he conducts evaluations, indicating that his technical pursuits were performed in a more effective and efficient way compared to most other methodologies. He also finds the concept of describing nature in mathematical manners to be most thrilling, as it gives mankind the opportunity to design components that will be beneficial to humanity.

Mr. Mende has been mentored greatly by his father, who was a mechanic, as well as Dr. George Robert Talbert, who took Mr. Mende under his wing. Likewise, Mr. Mende attributes his success to the mentorship of his college professors, as well as various other prestigious professionals within his field with whom he has had the pleasure of working. He advises prospective engineers to view the engineering profession in a methodical, efficient manner and says that others should strive toward the bigger picture to ensure that they are making progress toward their goals.

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