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With over 35 years of experience in real estate to her credit, Patricia Fisher-Dally is a noted entrepreneur who holds expertise in title renewal and review. At the inception of her career upon her graduation from high school, she served as a land surveyor, where she gained valuable experience and learned the trade. From there, she was hired by an attorney’s office, which introduced her to the field of real estate. Upon realizing that the real estate market was incredibly specialized and her skills were important for business, she founded her own company with a past co-worker titled Majestic Title Agency in 1998. After eight years, Ms. Fisher-Dally decided to start her own business, becoming the president and owner of Sunrise Title Services in 2006, a position she holds to the present day.

Ms. Fisher-Dally attributes her profound success to her ability to put forth an excellence, positive attitude and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, she also credits her success to her many mentors, including her first employer Robert Berry. In addition, she credits Thomas Stover, an expert in real estate who helped her develop proficiency in the field. As such, Ms. Fisher-Dally has kept in touch with both men and is grateful for their contributions in launching her career. To give back and appreciate the help she has received, she is passing along her knowledge to a young woman who also aspires to work in real estate.

A member of the BNI Networking Group, Ms. Fisher-Dally advises young professionals in the field to never give up on their dreams and ambitions. She instills a sense of confidence in the younger generation and recommends prospective professionals to never feel as if they are not good enough for the job, as well as to stand up for what they believe in. Looking toward the future, Ms. Fisher-Dally intends to retire and travel the world.

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