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Eileen Carol Young desired to be a nurse from the time she was 2 years old. Witnessing her mother visit the hospital frequently when she was a young girl, she was inspired to help others in the same way the nurses helped her mother. Upon attending nursing school, she was afforded the opportunity to work in the operating room, putting her heart and soul into her work.

At the inception of her career in 1970, Ms. Young served as an operating room nurse at Allentown Hospital for two years, later serving in the same position at Reading Hospital for the following two years. From 1974 to 1986, she was an operating room nurse and urology coordinator at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, before becoming a clinical nurse educator at the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), where she worked for CIRCON, Gyrus and Olympus until 2008. Retiring in 2019, she concluded her career as a senior manager of clinical education at the Olympus Corporation of the Americas.

Ms. Young holds a special interest in medical device reprocessing, sterilization and disinfection. She thoroughly enjoys writing educational materials and has had several articles published in nursing journals. Best known for her role in reprocessing surgical and endoscopic devices, she also authored a chapter in “Urologic Nursing Core Curriculum.” She is a former certified urologic nurse and certified in perioperative nursing.

Attributing her success to her positions she held with ACMI, she had numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Witnessing the ever-changing nature of the company, she viewed these changes as chances for growth. She believes that her perspective on change is what ultimately set her apart from her peers and made her successful. She is most proud of the legacy she is leaving behind; not only did she learn tremendously from her experiences, but she was also an educational figure in the lives of her colleagues, who were forever grateful for the knowledge she passed down to them.

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