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Recognized as one of the pioneers in community organization in the urban planning process and the 1960s women’s rights movement, Dorothy Senerchia served as a longtime urban planner for the New York City Department of City Planning from 1962 until her retirement in 1996. Noting that it was difficult for a woman to acquire a high position of authority in the 1960s, she was thrilled when she was offered a career in urban planning. During her tenure, she notably sat on the planning committee of the 1970 Women’s March in New York and served as a counselor for the Big Sisters Organization.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Senerchia was an administrative assistant at the Roger Stevens Development Corporation, the Inter-American Council and the Sheraton Corporation of America in New York between 1956 and 1961. At the inception of her career in 1955, she taught at the Berlitz School of Languages in Florence, Italy, for one year. Certified in urban planning in New York for over four decades, she cites the highlights of her career to be the moments she was sent out into the community as a supervisor to teach New Yorkers how to fight city hall.

Demonstrating versatility in her career, Ms. Senerchia previously studied acting with Stella Adler and was inspired by Gladys Vaughn, from whom she inherited 100 paintings. Ms. Senerchia was a co-star in the film “The Funeral” in 1980 and co-founder of the singing group, the Chattertocks, at Brown University while she was studying toward a bachelor’s degree in 1952. Likewise, she was a longtime solo concert violinist from 1945 to 1962. She authored her book, “Silent Menace,” in 1990.

Born in Warwick, Rhode Island, Ms. Senerchia currently resides in New York. She has been the founder and co-founder of numerous organizations, and she enjoys spending time studying foreign languages, listening to music, traveling and practicing floral design.

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