Blackwell, Jacqueline 4148516_21403902 Newsletter.jpgDesiring to enter the field of medicine since the age of 16, Jacqueline Pflughoeft Blackwell was determined to educate herself and embark upon a fulfilling career. First studying at Mount Senario College, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from San Jose State University in 1969, followed by a Master of Arts in psychology in 1972. Thereafter, she pursued postgraduate coursework at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (now known as Palo Alto University) between 1986 and 1997 before studying toward a doctorate degree in neuropsychology, completing all but a dissertation. She is a licensed school psychologist in the state of California. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree, Ms. Blackwell commenced her tenure with the San Jose Unified School District in 1970 as a teacher, fulfilling that role for the following 13 years. Soon after, she served as a psychologist for three years and the director of special education and psychological schools for four years. From 1990 to 1994, she was the principal of the school district. Since concluding that role in 1994, she has served as a director of student services.

Prior to embarking in her profession, Ms. Blackwell enlisted in the United States Army in 1954, serving for one year in the Women’s Army Corps. She met her  husband during this time and they married the following year. To share her wealth of knowledge with her community, she authored two books, “The District Student Behavior Handbook” and “The District Special Education Guidebook.” When asked of her career highlights, she cites the moments she has encouraged young individuals to resist adversity and persevere above struggles to be crowning achievements. Recalling her experiences with her own strength and determination, she notes that nothing could take the place of persistence.

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