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Spending the formative years of her career in law enforcement, Linda D. Miller was a police officer for the Media Borough in Pennsylvania for a total of 22 years. Performing on behalf of crime prevention programs for children, adults, and seniors, she subsequently retired from her profession in 2006 and became an adjunct professor of criminal justice in the Division of Arts and Sciences at Neumann University from 2008 to 2013. In her position, she enjoyed educating the next generation about criminal justice, utilizing her own personal experiences while teaching her curriculum. Passionate about fitness as well, Ms. Miller was an aerobics instructor while serving as a police officer, which provided her with the experience and aptitude to delve into the latter half of her career with IDLife LLC.

A founding partner of IDLife LLC since 2013, Ms. Miller was enthralled by the company’s mission to provide wholesome, nutritional products to individuals aspiring to attain a healthier lifestyle. IDLife’s products are organic, non-GMO, and casein-free, sweetened by the natural stevia leaf instead of artificial sweeteners. A breakthrough health and nutritional company, IDLife strives to help adults and children lose weight and feel better about themselves and their bodies. Also offering a workout regimen, the company combines a love for fitness with exceptional weight-loss products, including a chewable vitamin for children. Recently, IDLife has partnered with Garmim and has debuted several new products. The first being Slim+, PreNatal packs for pregnant women and Vitality for men. You can now purchase a DNA kit that not only provides your DNA information, but also advises you as to the type of exercise and diet needed to help with a healthy lifestyle. IDLife also offers a skincare line that can be used by both men and women.

Certified in senior fitness since 2017, Ms. Miller aims to become a top earner at IDLife while maintaining her reputation as a skilled, passionate, and ambitious individual, whose talents have always propelled her forward in her professional endeavors. Her goal has always been to help others become better people through improved health and fitness. Inspired by the adversity she faced early in her career due to her gender, particularly in the law enforcement

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