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Robert Dana Flesher commenced his career in 1971 as a sales representative for Airco, a central Ohio welding company, holding the position for three years. After his boss left the company to join Chemetron Corporation, Mr. Flesher followed suit and became a distribution manager in vehicle maintenance from 1974 to 1978. Delving into the vehicle
industry from that point forward, he subsequently served AGA Gas Inc. as a general manager of fleet maintenance for the following 22 years. While at AGA Gas Inc., Mr. Flesher was active in a project that sought to reduce the weight of a tractor and tanker in an effort to haul more product in a safer and more effective manner. Towards the end of the project, he and his team were able to reduce the weight by 2,300 pounds.

Relocating to Pittsburgh, PA, soon thereafter, Mr. Flesher served as a managing director of FedEx Ground from 2000 to 2010 prior to founding his own company, Flesher & Associates, where he has acted as the owner and chief executive officer since 2010. During his 48-year long career, he led teams to develop multiple heavy-duty vehicle maintenance recommended practices. Prior to delving into the field of fleet maintenance, Mr. Flesher was a student at the Ohio State University, completing coursework from 1964 to 1968. During this time, he also enlisted in the United States Navy Reserves from 1966 until his honorable discharge in 1970.

Over the course of his longstanding career, Mr. Flesher served as the co-author of several papers regarding vehicle maintenance and sat on various trade publication advisory boards. As a testament to his professional success, Mr. Flesher garnered multiple accolades, including the TMC Silver Spark Plug Award in 1990, the CCJ Fleet Maintenance
Executive Career Leadership Award in 1995, and the TMC Study Group Leadership Award in 1998. Most recently, he received the Gerri Murphy Membership Award in 2013.

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