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Mary M. Nyman is a prominent artist whose versatility in her areas of interest is unparalleled by her peers. Demonstrating talent in painting, writing, photography, and jewelry making, she exhibits great passion for education and spent nearly 40 years in the realms of teaching and academic administration. Commencing her career as a junior high and high school English teacher at Malden Public Schools in 1959, roles she held for three years, she simultaneously acted as an English instructor at Boston University, Fisher College, and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for a remarkable 18 years. Between 1976 and 1994, she served as a longtime high school English teacher in Wareham Public Schools. Concluding her career in 1998, she acted as an English instructor and administrator of the Wareham campus of Quincy College before ultimately retiring fr om the education industry.

Since closing the chapter on her academic career, Ms. Nyman has devoted her time fully to her artistic endeavors. The former instructor of jewelry making for the Plymouth Center for the Arts, she had also contributed her expertise to the Good Shepherd Nursery School, where she served as a co-founder and co-director. Equally dedicated to civic causes, she served the Wareham Free Library as a trustee and director of the Library Foundation, having also been vice chair of the Wareham School Committee and director of the Cape Cod Alumni Association of Boston University.

Ms. Nyman pursued additional education in both Paris, France, and Washington, DC. Enthusiastic about landscape painting, particularly the sceneries of Maine and Cape Cod, she has published various poems and articles in literary magazines. The author of the acclaimed book “The Season’s Edge and Other Poems,” published in 1984, she also wrote “When the Leaves Fall” in 2002, a novel about an at-risk teenager who survives drug abuse because he makes decisions that save his life. Since the publication of her early books, she has also written and published “High School Stories.”

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