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An insurance agent with New York Life, project manager and engineer, Laurence “Larry” Boorstein has amassed more than 40 years in his profession. He is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. He has strived to further contribute to his fields of interest on a consulting and freelance basis. Previously employed with Green Powered Technology in Washington, DC, he formerly served AECOM in New York City and Arlington, VA, as a project manager and principal economist between 1994 and 2016. Commencing his career as a systems analyst with the Frederic R. Harris Inc. Division of the Planning Research Corporation in 1974, a position he held for three years, he subsequently ascended the ranks to principal system engineer, senior system planner and senior economist between 1977 and 1986. From 1988 to 1994, he also acted as a senior economist for Soros Associates.

A certified project manager through AECOM, Mr. Boorstein attributes his profound success to his diligent work ethic and high level of education. During his tenure, his ultimate goal was to provide the highest level of personal and professional integrity in the interest of his clients. He handles life insurance, retirement planning, annuities and long term care, as well as conducts presentations and provides products and services. In
addition, he lived in a variety of other countries, which provided him the opportunity to acquire varied language skills to aid in the success of business growth and international exposure. He has continued to maintain affiliation with the American Society of Civil Engineers.

In light of his exceptional undertakings, Mr. Boorstein was the recipient of the 40 Year Service Award from AECOM. Born in Neuilly, France, he enjoys keeping abreast of current national and international affairs in his spare time, as well as remaining active on social media.

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