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A native of Chicago, IL, Dr. Dennis E. Kroll graduated from St. Patrick High School in 1965. He embarked on his academic journey in 1970, graduating cum laude from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering. Later, while working as a development engineer for Western Electric Export Corporation, he received a Master of Science in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Kroll then went on to become a plant manager at Junis Manufacturing Company, a senior industrial engineer at Sunbeam Products Inc., a senior manufacturing engineer at Victor Comptometer Corporation, and a staff industrial engineer at Methode Electronics. From 1977 to 1981, he served as a planning engineer of new product development at the Western Electric division of AT&T. Then, in 1981, he returned to Bradley University as a professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering, and later as a computer lab coordinator and advisor to several graduate and undergraduate programs. During his tenure at Bradley University, Dr. Kroll received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Illinois.

A qualified professional, Dr. Kroll is a certified system integrator through the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. In addition to his primary professional appointments, he has also served as a consultant to various companies throughout his career. As a respected voice in his field, Dr. Kroll has contributed to numerous industry books, chapters, and professional journals, and he has served as a seminar speaker at various conferences. Currently, he serves as a founding editor of the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. Outside of work, Dr. Kroll is active in his community in various capacities. Civically, he has served on several local commissions and committees. Previously, Dr. Kroll served as a specialist in the United States National Guard. In his spare time, Dr. Kroll enjoys fishing, gardening, cooking, and studying history.

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