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Always interested in art, James R. Holland Sr. initially worked in still life in high school. He eventually turned to photography and book reviews through his work with the yearbook. In 1962, Mr. Holland began his studies at Principia College. Inspired by the “Family of Man” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, he embarked on his career in 1966. In this year, he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio University, studied postgraduate courses at the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, and began a photography internship at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. After completing his internship, he began his career as a contract photographer for the National Geographic Society from 1967 to 1968. He then served as a film producer for the Christian Science Center in Boston, MA, from 1969 to 1974.

In 1975, Mr. Holland ventured into the real estate industry and became a real estate developer and president of Brownstone Properties, Inc. Then, from 1978 to 1982, he served as a real estate broker with Street & Co., Inc. Today, Mr. Holland serves the president of A Bit of Boston Real Estate, Inc., a position he has held for more than 30 years.  In addition to his most recent appointments in real estate, Mr. Holland has also served as a columnist and movie critic for nearly 10 years. Furthermore, he has authored countless award-winning photography books and his film work has been broadcasted on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, BBC, and the Travel Channel. Civically, Mr. Holland has been active with various local committees and organizations. Currently, he is an associate of the Boston Public Library and has been active with the Small Property Owners Association, the Boston Home and Property Owners Association, and the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay. In his spare time outside of work, Mr. Holland enjoys collecting books, photos, art, paintings, and etchings.

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