Richard Burr

The son of Samuel Marshall and Erna Louise Burr, Richard Marshall Burr has contributed to his field and his community for decades. His career has taken many turns throughout the years, as his initial interest was in environmental science. Although Mr. Burr was studying for a degree in the area, he decided instead to utilize his mathematics expertise and became the treasurer of the Borough of Westville, New Jersey. He then went on to serve with the Borough of Westville for almost 40 years.

Mr. Burr holds a Bachelor of Science from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science and a Master of Science from the University of Delaware. He also studied post graduate courses at the University of Montana and at Utah State University. He is a certified municipal financial officer, registered municipal clerk, and a registrar of vital statistics. Throughout his career, he has contributed his expertise in articles to professional journals, and served as a senior publications chairman for the New Jersey Chapter of Children of the American Revolution from 1988 to 1990. Mr. Burr’s career also allowed him to remain very active throughout New Jersey, including with the local Salvation Army, the local environmental commission, the board of education, and many other organizations.

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