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Amassing more than 40 years of professional experience in the legal industry, George Atterbury Mathewson, Esq., has been a prominent figure in his field since the inception of his career in 1963. Most recently serving of counsel with Banac and Mathewson in Manlius, New York, Mr. Mathewson retired in 2004. Prior to this appointment, he served in a private practice for nearly four decades and was formerly a regional attorney for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, among other significant roles.

Initially aspiring to become a doctor, Mr. Mathewson was compelled to combine his interests in relationships, history, ethics and English; soon thereafter, he decided that law would be the best route for his future. As such, he pursued a formal education at Amherst College, earning a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in 1957, followed by a Bachelor of Laws from Cornell University in 1960. He completed his education in 1961, earning a Master of Laws from the University of Michigan.

Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Mathewson has been a prolific author, penning such books as “A Boy Named Martin” in 2014, “Hidden Agenda” in 2013, and “1984 Arrives in America” in 2005. In addition, he has participated in a number of civic engagements during his career, including as an adjunct professor in business law at Onondaga Community College, an elder with Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church, a  member of the board of directors with South Side Businessmen and a trustee with Steuben County Historical Society, among others. Notably, he holds a patent for a safety device for disabled airplanes.

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