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The chief executive officer of MAS Construction Services LLC since 2011, Sherie McCarty is an esteemed figure in the field of engineering whose success in the industry provides insight into the passion she holds for creating means by which construction is reliable and affordable for every client, maintaining the highest safety standards. MAS Construction Services LLC offers several services, including HVAC installation, plumbing installation, low voltage electrical installation, commissioning and retro-commissioning.

The recipient of a Bachelor of Science from Washington College and a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware, Ms. McCarty is licensed and insured to provide the best possible service for her clients. She is certified in refrigeration engineering, licensed by the Society of Universal Refrigerant and certified in back flow device inspector.

Contributing to Habitat for Humanity in her spare time, Ms. McCarty has shared her wealth of information with her community, authoring “How to Reduce Energy Costs in Commercial and Industrial Buildings” in 1992. In recognition of her exceptional accomplishments, she was also honored with the 2002 Distinguished Service Award from the International Facility Management Association.

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