For 30 years, Irene Janofsky Hartzell has met with success as a psychologist and educator by listening, learning and putting her best foot forward in all of her professional endeavors. With an expertise in mental health, learning and behavior, she has been able help countless children and youths succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally. Considered by her peers to be a leader in her field, Ms. Hartzell established Kids Like Learning, LLC in 2015. “Children are built for learning; when they feel like it’s fun and a game, concepts come easily to them.” Kids Like Learning provides educational consulting to schools, parents and parent groups — in short, it helps students rediscover the joy of learning. “As kids learn the specifics of how to study, they gain confidence. School gets easier, the work begins to flow and they naturally succeed.”

Earlier in her career, Dr. Hartzell rose to prominence after designing and implementing a federally funded innovative and highly successful Reading Remediation Research Program in Oakland, Calif. She also served as a school psychologist for the Lake Washington School District. Dr. Hartzell held the title of Director of Parent Education at Childrens Hospital Orange County while serving on the Clinical Faculty in Pediatrics at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine. For 15 years, she worked as a clinical psychologist for Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills.

Dr. Hartzell demonstrates top skills in education, cognitive psychology, mindfulness, family therapy, clinical supervision and alternative dispute resolution. The key lessons that she discovered throughout her profession as a businesswoman, educator and psychologist led her to develop the Wizard Program, which is a knowledge-based curriculum that relies on findings from human learning research, as well as on classroom-proven techniques to help students transition from junior high school to high school. The program also helps students to learn fundamental time management skills and coping mechanisms for stress when preparing for exams and large projects. “A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills – Middle School Edition” is now available as an e-book for educators and students. Dr. Hartzell is currently developing additional publications to serve as a guide for students, teachers and parents to utilize outside of the program.

Before establishing herself professionally, Dr. Hartzell earned a Vordiplom in psychology from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 1961. She then attended UC Berkeley, obtaining both a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Arts in counseling psychology. She furthered her education with a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Oregon, which she received in 1970. Four decades later, Dr. Hartzell earned certification as a mediator and paralegal in the state of Washington. In the years to come, she plans to continue her work as an educational consultant using her knowledge and expertise to further students’ enjoyment and success in learning.

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