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Peter Zasuly has enjoyed a fulfilling and illustrious career in television production since 2000, landing his first role in the field as a supervising producer for Film Garden Entertainment. He then served as a co-executive producer, director and writer for Tri-Crown in 2001. In 2002, Mr. Zasuly wrote and produced for Associated Television International, and then produced and directed films for Original Productions in 2003. Additionally, he held roles as a writer and producer at Painless Productions and DME Productions. Before founding his company, Random Pics, in 2006, Mr. Zasuly worked as an executive producer and director for Pilgrim Studios, Inc. Now, he is the executive producer for his company, while also serving as an executive producer and director for Triage Entertainment, LEG.

As an expert in television production, Mr. Zasuly is the executive producer of CMT’s “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.” Over the course of eight seasons, Mr. Zasuly has directed 72 episodes. Under his direction, the show expanded from a 30-minute format to one hour, and it received the highest rating in show history for four consecutive years. Along with being the co-executive producer of “DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: BRIDES” and “Ghost Hunters,” Mr. Zasuly is the creator of “U.S. SWAT.” He is notable for having worked as a cameraman on the series “COPS” and for being the show runner of “Crime 360,” “Beach Week,” “Family Week,” “AKC National Agility Championships,” “Cat People,” “The Repossessors I,” “The Repossessors II” and “Caught on Tape.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Zasuly has achieved many milestones. He has worked on more than 30 different shows for Discovery Channel, and is known for directing roll-in packages for CBS’s December special “A Home for the Holidays,” as well as for producing numerous shows for Food Network, Lifetime, and many other popular television channels. Driven by his desire to work in the entertainment industry since early on, Mr. Zasuly earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in television from New York University in 1986. While completing his studies, he won Best of Show, Best Documentary, and Achievement in Videography at the NYU Video Festival for his thesis, “Quest to Be Best,” with George Plimpton.

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