As the Canadian and international director of Les Petits Angels, April Collins is in charge of overseeing all operations of the business. Les Petits Angels, or the Little Angels Society, was founded by Ms. Collins with several missions in mind. The nonprofit organization focuses on antibullying projects, social justice, assistance for the blind, cancer patients, fundraising and donations, and raising money to ship goats to Kenya, as the milk is very scarce. Les Petits Angels is also looking for product donations that can be passed over to people in need, whether it be food, clothing or even bursary. Ms. Collins over-stresses the importance of donations from large-scale companies, as many of them have an excess of products that can be donated instead of going to waste.

Notably, Les Petits Angels also assists MADA, a group that works to distribute dairy milk, as well as other types of nondairy milk products, to children in third-world countries. Ms. Collins and her team travel to many festivals yearly in an effort to raise funds for their causes. Other projects include the Boobi Bird Project, Planet People, Peace Today and the William Children’s Fund.

Ms. Collins has always attributed her success to the mentors, schools, nuns and rabbis in her life. She is thankful for having a great team to work with and is extremely proud of being able to make a difference. Her love for her community, people and cultures has guided her throughout the course of her career. Recognized for her hard work, dedication and contributions to the welfare of others, Ms. Collins was honored as Woman of the Year by the Government of Alberta in 1996. In 2017, she was dubbed a Marquis Who’s Who Humanitarian for exhibiting selflessness and dedication to serious issues impacting the world.

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