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Maureen A. Moon has thrived in the field of massage and spinal reflex therapy for over three decades. Demonstrating expertise in the industry, she has excelled as a spinal reflex therapist with Massage & Spinal Reflex Therapy since 2011. Earlier in her career, she worked in the cities of Denver and Boulder, Colorado, for more than 30 years, having also served in executive-level positions at the Flatiron Athletic Club, and she currently operates out of her home office in Boulder, Colorado. She began her career as a massage therapist at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

To supplement her career in massage therapy, Ms. Moon obtained a master-level certification in spinal reflex therapy from the Spinal Reflex Institute in Durango, Colorado. Notably, she specializes in a myriad of wellness specialties, such as craniosacral therapy, sports massage, hot-stone massage and pregnancy massage. In addition, she is certified in orthopedic massage and active, passive and facilitated stretching. Over the course of her career, she has studied at such institutions as the Milwaukee Area Technical College, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and the Massage School of YMCA. Well-versed in her areas of expertise, she is also a core distributor and instructor through the Spinal Reflex Therapy International Company Organization, as well as an educator across the states of Colorado, Iowa, Tennessee and Ohio. From 1982 to 2010, she further lent her knowledge to students at Touch for Health Kinesiology in the United States and the Netherlands.

To commemorate her accomplishments, Ms. Moon has earned numerous accolades. To this end, she earned the National President’s Award from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) in 2010, having previously received from the organization the Sports Massage Achiever Award from the Sports Massage Team of the Colorado chapter, for which she served as team director, in 2006, the Distinguished Service Award in 1990, and two Meritorious Awards in 1991 and 2008. Ms. Moon formerly served as second vice president and membership chair of the Colorado chapter of AMTA, beginning her work with that organization in the early 1980s.

Outside of her career path, Ms. Moon is recognized as a jazz and blues singer, a percussionist and a classical guitarist. In addition, she has contributed much of her time to fundraisers and charitable endeavors, having also volunteered with the Massage Therapy Foundation. In the coming years, she endeavors to continue making a positive impact on her clientele and society at large.

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