Demonstrating an early aptitude for mathematics and science, Vii Rice was encouraged to enter the field of engineering. Now leveraging more than 10 years of professional experience, she has excelled as an instructor in plastics and polymer engineering and technology at the Pennsylvania College of Technology since 2016. Specializing in polymer science as it relates to engineering and manufacturing, Ms. Rice handles five classes per semester in the specialties. Earlier in her career, she served as a process engineer intern and, subsequently, a process engineer at W.L. Gore & Associates.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Rice pursued formal education at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in plastics and polymer engineering and technology in 2013. Thereafter, she received a master’s degree in polymer science and engineering from Lehigh University in 2022. To remain abreast of developments in her areas of interest, she also maintains membership with numerous organizations, such as the Society of Plastics Engineers and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

To commemorate her achievements, Ms. Rice has won a myriad of accolades. In 2022, she received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, having previously won the Plastic Faculty Award in 2013. In accounting for her success, she credits the unwavering support and guidance of her professors and colleagues. Among the many highlights of her career, she is particularly proud of relocating a multi-million-dollar extrusion process from Arizona to Maryland, which supplied fluorinated materials for hernia and brain patch applications. She is also gratified by receiving the Excellence in Teaching Award, which honored her for her accomplishments in engineering and academia.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Rice aims to complete her academic career, particularly a doctorate in the area of manufacturing or process engineering. Professionally, she endeavors to remain in higher education to accommodate more students and branch out into consulting work in the coming years. She lives and works by the mantra, “Always be learning.”

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