Wayne F. Moquin is a distinguished writer and editor who lent his expertise to the renowned English-language publisher Encyclopedia Britannica for three decades. Serving the publisher between 1965 and 1995, he was also an employee of the organization’s board of editors during that time. Among his many tasks, Mr. Moquin was responsible for compiling and editing a vast array of materials, which were well-received by media outlets across the globe. Alongside his tenure at Encyclopedia Britannica, he served as a freelance indexer of economic textbooks at McGraw Hill Education for over 40 years until 2019. In the earliest years of his career, Mr. Moquin was employed by a small publishing firm in Minneapolis, where he learned the intricacies of the trade.

Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Moquin studied theology at the Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, having previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Augustana College in 1952. His interest in theological studies is exemplified in his most recent book, “Romantic Reveries: The Revolt Against Reason in Christianity, Government, and Human Nature,” which was published through WestBow Press in 2019. Impressively, his book garnered the attention of Icon Productions, a production company co-founded by actor Mel Gibson. Other works to Mr. Moquin’s credit have also included authoring “A Documentary History of the Mexican Americans” in 1971 and editing such distinguished sets as the 10-volume “Makers of America” and the 20-volume “Annals of America.”

Furthermore, Mr. Moquin is a prolific researcher, drawing upon his knowledge of such topics as education, history, economics, philosophy, immigration studies and theology, which he cultivated over the decades by traveling across the United States to collect books and documents on various ethnic groups. Over the course of his career, he has attributed much of his success to his keen writing and editing skills, which he notes were pivotal to his success at Encyclopedia Britannica. Moreover, Mr. Moquin is revered for his astute writing style and voice, through which he enhances the public’s understanding of political, social and economic issues of the world.

A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and the Ludwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics, Mr. Moquin intends to publish more written works in the forthcoming years. In this regard, he aims to pen a play titled “Harvest of the Light King,” which will revolve around the biblical character Lucifer. Additionally, he would like to publish a book on economics for laypeople.

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