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Since 2014, Jeff Couch has excelled as the owner of Jeff Couch Food Images, his own photography studio based in Palm Desert, California. Drawing upon an affinity for the arts and photography, his work is comprised of still-life and action photos in the area of commercial and fine art food. Notably, his studio includes a commercial kitchen that is often used as a backdrop for his photography, and he also shoots on location upon his client’s request. Recognized as a prolific, award-winning photographer, Mr. Couch also specializes in shooting products, plated food, interiors and industry events.

Prior to dedicating himself to photography on a full-time basis, Mr. Couch worked in the food service industry for over 35 years. During this time, he cultivated expertise in marketing, food styling and cooking, which he has transitioned into his work as a professional photographer. While working as a chef, he spent many years in various restaurants, having also worked in the manufacturing sector of food service. To this end, he previously owned a business in which he sold supplies and equipment to fellow chefs and restaurant owners. Furthermore, he attended chef training at Fanshawe College in Ontario, Canada.

To prepare for his photography career, Mr. Couch received a certificate in photography, with distinction, as a professional commercial photographer from UCLA Extension in 2016. He was subsequently certified as a professional photographer (CPP) by the Professional Photographers of America in 2017.

To commemorate his achievements, Mr. Couch has received a myriad of accolades, most recently including an award from the WPE Awards in 2022. Likewise, he received awards from the International Color Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Earlier, he was named among the Best Photographers by One Eyeland in 2019 and the Top 10 Best by Foodelia in 2018, as well as received accolades from American Photographic Artists and Foodelia in 2017. Impressively, Mr. Couch was featured in Bold Journey Magazine in 2023. The link to his interview is Looking toward the future, he aims to take photographs for cookbooks by acclaimed chefs.

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