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Possessing over five years of professional experience, Lord Quinto L. Dolci of Homestead is a rising leader in the fields of diplomacy and international politics. Since 2017, he has been recognized as a diplomat and official noble title holder for The Diplomatic Residence of the House of Homestead in the Principality of Andorra and Spain. Notably, the noble house was founded in 1865 in La Massana, Andorra, and Mr. Dolci has dedicated his efforts to promoting the noble house on an international scale.

Prior to accepting the titles of diplomat and nobleman, Mr. Dolci frequently volunteered with a nonprofit organization in France, thereby introducing him to the wonderments of European society and culture. Drawing upon his interest in Europe, he sought to engage in diplomatic relations on a professional scale. In this regard, Prince Arthur impressively awarded him a title and registered him as a nobleman in Spain.

Adjacent to his primary efforts, Mr. Dolci is a staunch advocate of women’s rights and female empowerment. In the coming years, he aims to witness the continued growth and success of his career, as well as leverage his unique titles to advocate for the rights of underserved communities. In his spare time, Mr. Dolci enjoys reading and volunteering. He considers his parents to be his greatest mentors, as his mother exposed him to foreign cultures during the formative years of his life.

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