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Possessing over 35 years of professional experience, James Eigenberg is a leader in the fields of agriculture and local government. Since 2016, he has served as the county commissioner of District Five in Jackson County, Minnesota. Maintaining responsibility for representing government and local co-ops, he also draws upon several years of expertise in general farm labor and management.

Prior to commencing his career, Mr. Eigenberg graduated from Heron Lake-Okabena High School in Minnesota in 1985 and underwent coursework in agriculture production at Minnesota West Community and Technical College (formerly known as Worthington Community College). Outside of his primary vocational ventures, he has served on the board of directors of the New Vision Co-op for nine years and participates in local church activities. He cites being elected to the role of county commissioner as the highlight of his career.

In accounting for his success, Mr. Eigenberg credits his diligent work ethic, involvement in his community and extracurricular research. He also notes that his success as a county commissioner entails a great deal of thinking, public speaking and reading. Drawing upon a formative interest in government work, he says that he realized the significance of local government during high school when he was nominated as the boys’ state alternate during his junior year.

In the coming years, Mr. Eigenberg intends to witness the continued growth and success of his career. He ultimately aims to keep his options open when he is eligible for reelection as county commissioner of Jackson County.

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