Hal Barbour is a successful engineer, sales and marketing expert, and corporate executive who currently serves as chairman of CAST, Inc. Previously serving CAST, Inc., as president beginning in 1993, he stepped down from his presidential role to become chairman in 2014. Notably, CAST, Inc., was founded in 1993 by Mr. Barbour and his former colleagues and specializes in high-quality semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) used in chip design. Alongside providing technical support to its myriad of customers, CAST, Inc., also partners with numerous intellectual property developers around the world.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Barbour received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of New Hampshire in 1965. After receiving his degree, he began his career as a hardware design engineer, then subsequently became a sales engineer with General Radio, Inc. At the onset of his career with General Radio, Inc., the company was pioneering a new market of automated test systems for the testing of printed circuit boards. After five fruitful years, the company became a public company under the name Genrad, and Mr. Barbour was promoted to head of marketing for the board test division. He served with Genrad for 15 years before departing from the company and joining Intergraph as director of electronic design automation marketing in Huntsville, Alabama.

As his career progressed, Mr. Barbour served HHB Systems in New Jersey as its vice president of marketing for several years. Eventually, HHB Systems was acquired by Racal-Redac, and Mr. Barbour became the vice president of business development. After enjoying much time as vice president of business development, Racal-Redac was sold to Zuken, which closed the company’s operations in the state of New Jersey. During this time, Mr. Barbour’s colleagues formed CAST, and Mr. Barbour also formed Lineage Systems. The two companies subsequently merged to become CAST, Inc.

Among the many highlights of his career, Mr. Barbour is particularly proud of being part of CAST, Inc., as the company has been entirely internally held and has never taken a loan in its 30 years of business. Notably, nearly one-half of the company’s sales are generated from repeat customers; however, not a single customer represents as much as 5% of its annual revenue. In the coming years, Mr. Barbour is excited to witness the advancement of CAST, Inc., and the continued growth of the technology industry.

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