Nancy Irene Fleischer is supported by over 35 years of professional experience in nondestructive testing. Since 2000, she has excelled as an NDT facilitator for Gerdau Special Steel North America. She first joined the organization in 1987, having served as a temporary employee until 1990. From there, she advanced through the ranks to become a supervisor before taking on her present role. Over the course of her extensive career, Ms. Fleischer received her NDT Level I, Level II and Level III certifications from the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Drawing upon prior coursework at Michigan Technological University, Ms. Fleischer decided to depart from her studies to pursue advanced training and certification in nondestructive testing. In light of her determined mindset and astute attention to detail, she was encouraged to train in the specialty. Subsequently, she was hired by Gerdau Special Steel North America and became part of the 4% of women who completed the NDT Level III certification. Ms. Fleischer attributes much of her success to her perseverance; she says that she perceives every obstacle as a learning opportunity for the future.

Outside of her primary vocation, Ms. Fleischer is a member of the National Rifle Association, through which she has attended numerous conferences and takes part in recreational shooting practice. In the coming years, she would like to advance further in her career. Notably, she was recently asked to participate in Gerdau Worldwide’s Safety Desk Prevention Team. Moreover, she aims to attain two additional certifications in nondestructive testing.

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