Joining 1031X in 2017, Sean M. Ross first served as the director of operations in Denver, Colorado, for four years. Starting in 2021, he has excelled as the organization’s chief executive officer and president. Earlier in his career, Mr. Ross was the president and founder of Free Lances Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois, from 2015 to 2016. He was then hired by Chicago-based Financial Pois as first their director of business development in 2016 before quickly assuming their editor-in-chief role from 2016 to 2017.

Drawing upon a Bachelor of Science in economics and international political economy from Regis University, which he obtained in 2010, Mr. Ross previously thrived as a personal financial advisor, banker and eventually a self-employed financial writer between 2012 and 2016. One of the first to ever be recognized as a Top Rated Freelancer through the platform Upwork, he cites his tenure as a freelancer as a highlight of his career. In addition to being chosen as one of the top freelancers in the country within the first six months of starting his solo career, Mr. Ross credits this period with developing his professional relationships and establishing a philosophy of “iterative risk-taking.” Additionally, Mr. Ross is proud of founding his own freelance company for being able to write for audiences all over the world.

Mr. Ross attributes a great deal of his success to his ability to learn from his early mistakes. Furthermore, he argues that the journey is almost always more important than the destination, that process trumps results, and that client obsession lies at the heart of lasting business success.

Outside of his primary career endeavors, Mr. Ross maintains membership with the government accountability committee of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. In his spare time, he also enjoys avocational activities such as reading, playing chess, traveling, exercising, writing, philanthropy and spending quality time with his family. In the coming years, Mr. Ross intends to witness the continued growth of 1031X. He would also like to become involved in local politics and eventually serve as a city council member.

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