Since 2010, Dr. William Noland Elsaesser has excelled as a BTO project scientist for CARDNO, an innovative global leader of sustainable design and engineering that is now owned by Stantec. In this prestigious role, he maintains responsibility for project design, data collection, quality assurance, and evaluation of projects and results. Additionally, he performs aquatic resource damage assessments, field team management services and coordination efforts. During his tenure as a BTO project scientist, he has notably worked on spill-related invertebrate sampling and identification of Upper Mississippi River benthos. Outside of his work with CARDNO, Dr. Elsaesser is an on-call project scientist for SWCA.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Elsaesser served as a hatchery manager and aquaculture technician at Bayshellfish Aquaculture in Palmetto, Florida, from 1999 to 2001. Shortly thereafter, he served as a research associate and laboratory instructor at the University of South Florida from 2001 to 2007, and subsequently, as an assistant scientist at Terra Environmental Services, Inc., from 2007 to 2010. To prepare for his career, he first earned a Bachelor of Science in biological and biomedical sciences from Florida State University in 1999. He went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in biological oceanography from the College of Marine Sciences at the University of South Florida in 2014.

Outside of his primary vocation, Dr. Elsaesser contributes to his local community as a civic-minded citizen, having served as an emergency response volunteer through the American Red Cross, a campaign volunteer for Save Our Seas, and a special events coordinator, newsletter author and office aid for the United Way. Additionally, Dr. Elsaesser is an active member of the National Shellfisheries Association.

Among the many achievements in his career, Dr. Elsaesser is particularly proud of his participation in the management of MOKA’s Adult Foster Care, having developed several interpersonal relationships through the organization. To this end, he has served as an assistant supervisor in the management of support staff, as well as a life coach and mentor for residents.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Elsaesser intends to continue conducting research in climate matters and bivalves with the aim to improve ocean environments. Likewise, he would like to advocate more often for the use of renewable energy sources to save the Earth.

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