A consummate professional within the realm of education, Saundra Paschal has served as a mathematics teacher with Lake View High School in the San Angelo Independent School District in Texas for several years. In her role as a teacher, she is responsible for teaching such subjects as honors algebra II and pre-calculus to both juniors and seniors in the high school system. Alongside her primary post as a mathematics teacher, Ms. Paschal has been the mathematics team coach and coordinated the University Interscholastic League. Furthermore, she was an advisor and reviewer of algebra II books with Henry Holt & Co., a subsidiary of Macmillan Publishers. She commenced her career in 1973 as a teacher’s aide, serving in this role until 1980.

Drawing upon a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Angelo State University, which she received in 1980, Ms. Paschal has also lent her photography talents to the school system. To this end, she has been recognized as a sports photographer for Lake View High School. She has also penned numerous works for the curriculum writing team at the high school.

Outside of her primary vocation, Ms. Paschal serves as an organist at her local church and has participated in a number of charitable organizations and foundations. She also maintains affiliation with prestigious organizations such as the Texas Math and Sciences Coaches Association and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

In light of her outstanding feats in education, Ms. Paschal has been honored on numerous occasions. She was the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award in 2000 and 2014, was featured in the Top 12 Educators of the Year Calendar and was named VIP of the Year in 2010. Further, she was honored with induction into the International Association of Top Professionals Hall of Fame in 2019, having previously been recognized by the organization with a Top Educator of the Year designation in 2017. Most recently, in 2021, Ms. Paschal was honored with a 40-Year Pin from the San Angelo Independent School District.

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