Bolstered by over one decade of professional experience, Manual J. Peña has excelled as the president and chief executive officer of the eponymous Peña Architecture & Engineering Corp. Through his roles, he has worked in collaboration with clients domestically and internationally in India, Switzerland, China and Germany, among other countries. As president and chief executive officer, he is largely responsible for establishing a foundation of performance success for each department of the company. Looking toward the future of Peña Architecture & Engineering Corp., Mr. Peña intends to advance the company to become one of the leading architectural firms in the world.

To supplement his career experience, Mr. Peña received an Associate of Arts in architecture from the Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College in 2009 and completed additional coursework at Miami-Dade College. Outside of his primary profession, he is dedicated to giving back to his community through volunteering with local veteran initiatives. Additionally, Mr. Peña is directly involved with Wayne Enterprises and America Treasury Financial, both located in Miami, Florida. The former business is a conglomerate that networks with other private, multi-billion-dollar corporations and the latter business is a corporation that collaborates extensively with government, funding, investments and real estate across the nation and abroad.

As a testament to his success, Mr. Peña was interviewed by Business Talk Radio New York in 2019. He also was named among the Top 100 United States Business Leaders by Top 100 Magazine in 2021. Most recently, Mr. Peña was recognized among the Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders to Follow in 2022 by Success Pitchers Magazine. Among the many highlights of his career, however, Mr. Peña is especially proud of gaining recognition through the power of social media.

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