Dan Moore Sr. is a noteworthy museum executive, author and producer in the Atlanta area. Since 1978, he has cultivated a wealth of success as the founder and president of the APEX (“African American Panoramic
Experience”) Museum, a historical museum in Atlanta that presents history from the Black perspective. Alongside his primary efforts as a museum executive, Mr. Moore has also served as the president of Image 7, Inc., in Atlanta. He previously excelled as the president of Omega Films in Philadelphia.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Moore has authored and co-authored many written works. In 2012, he authored “Guide to Nonprofit Development,” having previously written “Sweet Auburn: Street of Pride” in 2007 and co-authored “Black Codes in Georgia” in 2006. Furthermore, Mr. Moore has been a producer of several productions, such as “On Patrol for God” and “Welcome Home.” He also lent his expertise as a producer, writer and director for “The Journey,” “Sweet Auburn: Street of Pride” and “A New Time for a New Voice.”

In light of his outstanding feats, Mr. Moore has garnered numerous accolades. The recipient of an award from the State of Georgia, he was also named to the 10 Most Important People list and has been honored with recognitions from over 15 different nonprofit organizations during his career. However, among the many highlights of his tenure, he is particularly proud of founding the APEX Museum, the first African American museum in Atlanta. Impressively, the museum sponsored the APEX Share Expo, a virtual presentation of 50 nonprofit organizations that have provided community service. The exhibition was so successful that it continued for three consecutive years.

In the coming years, Mr. Moore intends to establish a building that will exhibit special moments of African American history, ranging from ancient times when the Pyramids of Egypt were built to the modern era when Barack Obama was elected the president of the United States. He would also like to continue his endeavors as a filmmaker.

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