Interested in the fields of technology and engineering from a formative age, Clayton A. Wilson IV has excelled as a CAD engineering consultant for Vision Engineering Services since 2018. Throughout his lengthy career, he has allocated much of his time creating real-time, three-dimensional CAD designs for such revolutionary brands as Nike and for the Challenger Space Shuttle Project. Likewise, Mr. Wilson created mainframe designs for large computer systems for Hewlett Packard (more commonly known as HP), where he also devised the CAD system of their files.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Wilson pursued a formal education, having received an Associate of Arts in CAD engineering from the University of California San Diego in 1986. Commencing his career following the receipt of his associate degree, he has since made a substantial impact on the field. Among his many career achievements, he is noteworthy for conducting reverse engineering on motor systems and dashboards, thereby allowing for the redesign of such products. However, he considers his contributions to real-time, three-dimension CAD motion to be the ultimate highlight of his professional career. He is also a member of the American Society of Quality Control.

In accounting for his success, Mr. Wilson credits the support and encouragement of his parents. He advises that his mother was the first woman to attend Pennsylvania State University, while his father delved into the technology industry and was a talented coder. In light of his exceptional undertakings, Mr. Wilson was featured in The New York Times and appeared on billboards in Times Square in New York.

In the coming years, Mr. Wilson would like to expand Vision Engineering Services to a global scale, as well as have their services and products recognized by even more acclaimed brands and organizations.

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