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Drawing upon over 30 years of practiced expertise in medicine, Patricia A.M. Cardillo is recognized as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and legal nurse consultant. Leveraging her certifications to serve as a patient advocate in a variety of clinical settings, Ms. Cardillo began her extensive career as a certified nursing assistant. She subsequently went on to serve in a myriad of positions, including as a nursing office manager in an obstetrics-gynecology office, an operating room nurse, an operating room charge nurse, and in the fields of telemetry and oncology in the medical-surgical department.

First receiving an associate degree, Ms. Cardillo went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing and psychology, thereby laying the groundwork for her career. Emphasizing that her interest in health care and patient advocacy stemmed from her early childhood, she always desired to specialize in the field of surgery. Over the course of her career, she has been exceptionally proud to have lent her time and expertise to patients and guided them to better health and wellness.

Ms. Cardillo notes, “As we know that the failures are stepping stones to success, we need to consider failures as feedback, and thereby strategize them towards the final outcome.” She continues, “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” To this end, Ms. Cardillo is gratified by the mentorship provided to her by her mother, who always guided Ms. Cardillo through life with the values of trust, willingness, loyalty, love and independence.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Cardillo intends to start a business as a legal nurse consultant. She would ultimately like to leverage her knowledge to assist attorneys on malpractice cases and other healthcare-related claims.

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