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Since 2018, Dr. Martha G. Garrett-Shaver has excelled as a physician at the South Arkansas Family Care Center, an extension of South Arkansas Physician Services. Acclaimed for her compassionate approach to patient care, she focuses on acute and chronic conditions, preventive medicine and family practice for patients of all ages. Alongside her primary work, Dr. Garrett-Shaver coordinates care with affiliated providers and specialists, maintains records and charts for patients, and aids her patients in reaching their health care goals through individualized meetings and diagnostics.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Garrett-Shaver served as a residency director at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for eight years. Additionally, she has been an assistant professor of family medicine at the aforementioned medical university. She has aided many medical students in developing their rapport with patients and colleagues alike. Before delving into the health care industry, Dr. Garrett-Shaver served as a science teacher in academia.

Before embarking on her career, Dr. Garrett-Shaver pursued a formal education at Hendrix College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in science in 1966. Many decades later, she returned to her collegiate studies at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, receiving a Doctor of Medicine in 2000 and completing a residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center in 2003.

To remain abreast of developments in her industry, Dr. Garrett-Shaver is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. To this end, she attributes a great deal of her success to the influence of her husband, John, who has always been a beacon of inspiration, as well as the support from her peers and fellow providers. Looking forward, Dr. Garrett-Shaver intends to continue growing the practice and cultivating a reputation as an esteemed physician and civil servant in her community.

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