At the onset of his professional career, Dr. Don Elijah Eckhart decided to pursue local government and administration. Attending Capital University, he received a Bachelor of Arts in economics and political science, graduating magna cum laude in 1972. Following this achievement, he received a Master of Public Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974. Leveraging his education, Dr. Eckhart then pursued his career in government beginning in 1974. He remained with the government sector for over 30 years.

Dr. Eckhart’s career transitioned toward the end of his government tenure when an individual advised him to attend seminary school to cultivate additional knowledge of religion. As Dr. Eckhart was undertaking a biblical Greek course at his local church, he subsequently found his true calling in the field of theology. Returning to academia, he earned a Master of Arts in Christian theology in 2015 and a doctorate in 2020, both from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Well-regarded for his scholarly and creative output, Dr. Eckhart is acclaimed for his 2018 book, “Jesus, The Everlasting Hope of Humankind: Biblical Theology Prompted by Visions and Dreams from the Holy Spirit.” Available for purchase on, the book is described as an account of Dr. Eckhart’s personal experiences in theology. His book’s description on Amazon reads, “Uniquely unfolding in the book are visions and dreams prompting an insightful study of Scripture and a biblical theology developed as the hope of Christ-mediated salvation for all. […] This coherent theology includes afterlife correction and purification for nonbelievers, as well as for believers who are never fully devoted to Jesus Christ. […] The book demonstrates how God’s desire that all be saved can be accomplished according to Scripture.”

Although the publication of his 2018 book is described as among the highlights of his career, Dr. Eckhart is equally proud of being a doctoral student at Ashland Theological Seminary, where he continues to undertake coursework to expand his breadth of knowledge in religious studies. He advises the next generations of religious professionals to research the seminary they wish to attend thoroughly, as there are numerous approaches to studying the Bible. Looking forward, Dr. Eckhart intends to continue his writings and spread the word of God.

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