Terry W. Gale is an acclaimed automobile collector, classic car enthusiast, and owner and curator of Rambler Ranch. Establishing Rambler Ranch in Colorado in 1992, his facility is home to over 600 cars and serves as a museum for pre-World War II automobiles. Impressively, Mr. Gale has 32 vehicles that he is licensed to drive. He also owns hundreds of cars dating from 1947 to 1988 and only needs eight more cars to complete his goal of owning various automobiles from 1917 to 1988.

In the early stages of his career, Mr. Gale worked in the retail industry and established his own maintenance company. Following this venture, he was invited to work for Kissinger Petroleum, an oil company owned by his late husband, Greg Kissinger. At the age of 31, Mr. Gale retired from his role at Kissinger Petroleum and began collecting cars, eventually fully restoring his father’s 1954 Nash Ambassador. As time progressed, Mr. Gale’s collection of cars grew, and the five-acre property on which he stored his garage soon became an attraction to fellow members of his community. Over time, the collection grew, and Mr. Gale and his husband acquired an adjacent 160-acre property. It later expanded into an 18,000-square-foot garage by 2007.

Notably, Mr. Gale’s ranch was used as a set for the movies “Creep” and “Monster Force Zero,” as well as featured in such news outlets as Hemmings Motor News, Barn Finds and Junkyard Gold. Additionally, Rambler Ranch was featured in the television series “My Classic Car” with Dennis Gage. Mr. Gale attributes much of his success to his flawless attention to detail and innate ability to make his museum relatable to the public. He is recognized as the owner of the most extensive collection of Nash, Rambler and AMC cars, as well as the owner of the only museum across the world that houses such vehicles.

Looking forward, Mr. Gale intends to expand upon his car collection, creating a home for more Nash, Rambler and AMC vehicles. He would also like to educate the public on Nash Motors’ contributions to society and complete the writing and publishing of a 350-page coffee table book of his collections.

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