At the onset of his professional career, Jesse D. Ramirez Jr. served in the United States Air Force Reserves between 1987 and 1996. During his military service, he received a myriad of U.S. Air Force Ribbons and Marksmanship Ribbons, as well as accrued a wealth of management experience that developed his leadership prowess. Leveraging his unique background, he has excelled as the owner of Energia Trucking LLC since 2004. Through Energia Trucking, Mr. Ramirez caters to over 150 grocery stores across Texas and Mexico, including supplying the H-E-B Grocery Company, L.P. Additionally, Mr. Ramirez is a franchise owner of Shell Petroleum LLC.

While serving in his prominent role at Energia Trucking, Mr. Ramirez decided to pursue a formal education. Studying at the University of the Incarnate Word and Del Mar College, he received an associate degree in business management in 2015. He advises that receiving his associate degree has been a notable highlight of his career, as well as his service in the armed forces. In the coming years, Mr. Ramirez intends to expand upon Energia Trucking with the hope that he can pass down his legacy to his children, who will continue the company in his honor.

As a testament to his efforts and success in the sales and transportation industries, Mr. Ramirez was named Salesman of the Year for Top Sales. He also received recognition for working with a myriad of Fortune 500 companies throughout his career, including such prestigious companies as Caterpillar and BD Holt Company. He attributes much of his success to his perseverance through struggle and his self-motivated personality, which he says was instilled in him by his late grandfather, Santos De Leon.

Outside of his primary career path, Mr. Ramirez is a school committee board member, through which he helps underprivileged children in need of resources for schooling. He has also sponsored and donated to local boxing rings and gymnasiums.

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