Since 2019, Monique Susan Murray has excelled as the founder and chief executive officer of her fashion line, Nokamo Apparel LLC. Leveraging a childhood dream to establish her own boutique clothing store and fashion line, she has since been well-regarded in her endeavors in the fashion industry. For several years, Ms. Murray was affiliated with the organization Dress for Success, located in Boston, which served as a driving force for her entrepreneurial pursuits. To this end, she also credits the influence and encouragement of her mentors, peers and family as factors leading to her success.

Outside of her primary career efforts, Ms. Murray is a civic-minded individual, having served as an executive member of the Asian American Civic Association and the American Antique Association for numerous years. Additionally, she has volunteered with the elderly population in her community. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Murray was also found to make a positive difference in her community members’ lives through her selfless and altruistic nature. Prior to embarking on her career, she attended the University of Massachusetts, from which she received a Bachelor of Arts in global affairs with a minor in Italian studies.

Attributing much of her success to her creative and out-of-the-box thinking, Ms. Murray also regards her competition as a source of inspiration. She lives and works by the motto, “Individuality counts,” and her company has been revered for its unique designs and adaptability for customers of all sizes. Ultimately, Ms. Murray intends to share her brand across the globe to further her work and contribute more to her community and society at large. Looking toward the future, she would also like to witness Nokamo Apparel being recognized and purchased around the world.

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